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Have you ever had a health crisis and were desperate for answers but did not know what questions to ask? How would you deal with a sudden health crisis of you or a family member?  There is never a “good” time to think about and even make plans.  And how do you know what to do, what plans to make if you have never experienced a life-threatening illness or been at the bedside of a family member who was critically ill. This is the point where you need a family medical advocate for Patient Advocacy liaison service.

medical advocate for insuranceWhat questions should you ask?

If they are on a breathing machine or require palliative care, will they be able to live without it after their illness?

Do you know if your loved one is in pain?  So often in my professional life I have heard, ‘If I give that pain medicine they may stop breathing.’  It is interesting to think about the fact that first, this is a person who is critically ill, dying and in pain.  Is it important to know they are comfortable?”

What should you expect if you or your family member is very ill?  Do you understand the ‘next steps’ the healthcare team is about to take? Do they talk with you every day?

What if your loved one cannot regain their health and go back home?  Do you know how many elderly people never go back home but instead go to a nursing home?

What do you expect of the doctor caring for your loved one? Do you think you should be able to talk regularly with them?

These are just a few things that most people never think about and do not have the knowledge to ask important questions.  In addition, this is not a subject we feel comfortable thinking or even talking about.

Nursing Resources has over 30 years experience in caring for, and being a part of the Healthcare Team  in critical care.  Our experience comes from multiple and varied illnesses, surgeries and conditions and caring for very critically ill people in a top rated University hospital.

We are also experts in End of Life concerns, family medical advice, medical insurance and other Health Care issues. Although this is a sensitive topic, we can talk with you, evaluate your special circumstances, and guide you through what to expect and what questions to ask.  We can be your Advocate so that you feel you have been supported to make the best decisions for your family member.  Call us for a 10 minute medical consultation today.  We care. We support. We advocate for you. Our Family Healthcare Advocacy firm serves many cities and counties of Florida including Sarasota, Bradenton, Lakewood Ranch, Palma Ranch and Southestern Michigan area!