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What Clients Say

Nursing Resources was a huge help for me!  I was diagnosed with prostate cancer recently.  Sue from Nursing Resources LLC helped me immensely by asking several questions of how my treatment would commence.  I didn’t know any answers and would have never thought to ask my doctor these questions. But Sue gave me a list of key questions to ask so that I could have a clear idea of what my options for treatment would be.  It certainly made me feel much more in charge of my treatment plan! Sue then guided me through the various options and enabled me to the best choice for me. I will continue to depend upon Nursing Resources LLC for ongoing advice.

Robert R.; Winchester Ma

I met Sue from Nursing Resources LLC after my Mother was released from the hospital after a very serious emergency surgery. I had no nursing training, yet I was going to care for Mom at home. Mom had a feeding tube and required many, many medications that I had to give through it. Thank goodness, my sister knew Sue from Nursing Resources and suggested I contact her.

Even though we had a Visiting Nurse come a few times a week, Sue came to Mom’s house, evaluated her living area, how she was doing and encouraged questions from me. She was invaluable! I had questions about Mom’s meds, how to use her feeding tube and more that I often forgot to ask the Visiting Nurse. Sue showed me some simple ways to administer Mom’s meds and use the tube feeding machine. Sue gave me several excellent suggestions to make it easier for me to care for Mom also. For example, she made up a timeline grid for when I was to administer Mom’s medications and suggested using a pill holder that made it easy for me to see that I had remembered to give Mom her meds on time.

Mom loved Sue’s visits to the house and also appreciated that we could ask Sue what questions to ask at her next doctor visit, her meds and side effects. After every visit, Mom and I felt like the world had been lifted from our shoulders!

Finally, one of the best things Sue did for us was to accompany us to the doctor’s office with Mom. Sue asked the doctor questions about Mom’s care that were very important and which I would have never thought of asking. She also “translated” for us what the Doctors said in a way we could understand! Her help, concern and knowledge throughout this time was a God send to myself and Mom! To this day, we have recommended Nursing Resources LLC to others who might benefit in the same ways we did.

Diane R.; Taylor, MI

'My Mother had thoracic surgery at a small hospital at age 80. She survived the surgery but repeatedly got pneumonia. I talked with Sue from Nursing Resources LLC and she asked several questions like 'Why does she keep getting pneumonia? Is there something else going on"?

We asked her to come to the next doctors appointment. She listened to what they had to say and after evaluating the information, started asking questions about why she kept getting pneumonia. Sue noted that they had not fixed a pocket in her esophagus which kept filling with food which she then choked on. Mom’s doctors had no answers!

So Sue then gave us several options how Mom could be helped if we chose to pursue more options of other physicians who could do a more thorough evaluation and help Mom. We were able to see a very experienced physician whom Sue suggested who fixed Mom's problem. Sue from Nursing Resources LLC is a knowledgeable and very caring person. We were so thankful for her input and helping us through the medical maze. When someone has not been educated in the medical field,, it's very difficult to understand it all. I am still thankful to this day for Nursing Resources!. We have been truly blessed to have had her in our lives:  Nursing Resources was invaluable!"

Janice T.; Newport MI